Thursday, February 4, 2016

Airline Advice

Euro Wings is finally shaping up as an discount airline. I need to admit this up front.....they currently plan to only serve two US locations (Boston and Las Vegas)....and this will start in early May.  I did some checking.....for a ticket from Koln to Boston....round-trip in early May, the cost is 294 Euro.

Yeah, it is a bit of a shock.....that's extremely low but the current fuel cost figures into the better deal.

With the Koln-Boston route....they will fly daily.  With Las Vegas, it'll just be twice a week.

It does limit things a bit but if you were really looking for an amazing deal and could work through these two'd be a great savings.

Growth?  There is some expectation of another airport or two being added in 2017.

Normally, if you were pricing via the big ten airlines of Europe for regular airline ticket....round-trip to say Chicago in May, you'd pay around 800 Euro.  At some point about twelve years ago, I found some amazing round-trip ticket from Frankfurt to Detroit for $700 in mid-July (it was a no-name carrier that had to stop in Dublin).  For July and August, airline tickets typically run a minimum of a thousand dollars for a round-trip now.

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