Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Merkel and Nobel Prize Talk?

Yesterday, word got out that Chancellor Merkel of Germany has been put up for the Nobel Peace Prize.....well.....nominated at this point.  The nomination point ends in the next couple of days, and the committee has until October to make the final decision.

Word is....if you read through the various sources....there's a fair number of people put up for the award (even Donald Trump).  Presently, the experts think that it's better odds for Merkel and another group.....Greek isle folks who helped in the refugee crisis. Somewhere in the background is the Pope's name, and Edward Snowden (the NSA guy).

A couple of years ago, I spent a number of hours previewing the Nobel Peace Prize committee and their resumes.

It's a group of five intellectuals, with hefty degree backgrounds and a thinker's club.

These are people who mostly associate with.....other intellectuals.  Their hobbies are typically opera, music, tragic Greek stories, great literature, fine food, wine, travels to historic sites, and cinema (note, you can't use the word movies around an intellectual....cinema is the preferred word).

These aren't the kind of folks that you'd go and ask for lawn advice, suggestions on pumpkin pie, guidance on best routes between city A and city B, recommendations on urban infrastructure, proposals for tax hikes, tips on urban crime, or persuasion for immigration reform.

My vote would be for the Greek isle folks who didn't ask for any pat on the back or do anything for a political reason.  But in the logic of Nobel Peace Prize history.....the favorite for the vote is Merkel.

Hurting her and the CDU at a bad time?

Here's the thing.  If they come in early October.....right before the two German state elections and award Merkel the prize.....there's going to be some toss-back from Germans in these two German states.

If you had to pick some negative message that really irks public sentiment....it'd be some intellectual folks awarding the Nobel Prize to Merkel for immigration, asylum, and refugee contributions.  Maybe they will realize the negativity of this and just slide the prize over to NSA's Snowden or the Pope.

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