Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sheltering Killers

One of the great attributes of the German Red Army Faction of the 1970s and 1980s....was that they had a wide network of "helpers" who'd hide them and provide comfort.  The German government never made much of an effort to ever go after these people.  Reasons?  Unknown.

Today, I noted via IBT a simple piece.....this Salah Abdeslam (the Paris attacker) who was just captured in the last couple of days.....kinda admits that he had a group of people (family, friends, and network of criminals) who helped to hide and shelter him.

The mayor of Paris (Anne Hidalgo) discussed this.  Based on commentary, I'd guess that she was fairly peeved that these people went and did this.....without any fear of the police.

The odds that France and Belgium will craft laws about sheltering such threats to society?  I'd take a guess that both will have laws on the books within a few weeks.

If you were sheltering a guy?  It'd be one thing if this was some guy who stole a car....but once you cross the line and have killed someone?  I can't see you getting less than ten years in prison for that type of behavior.  Half of it in my humble opinion.....ought to be solitary confinement with limited visitation.

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