Monday, March 28, 2016

The Discussion Over Safety

It's a hyped topic in Germany and Europe today.....candidate Donald Trump remarked that is' NOT safe in Europe, with the current threat underway.  A bunch of folks all disturbed that he'd suggest this.  Some folks remarked that it's been unsafe for more than five years.  Some folks remarked that it's the same way in the US.  Some folks were defensive and said it's absolutely safe and Trump is an idiot.

I've been around Europe for twenty-odd and on.  I might have a different perception than most Germans....most Europeans.....and even Americans.

I used to work with a guy who had this great two minute speech about five years after 9-11.  Living in Germany at the time and having seen the massive defensive measures taken in the months after 9-11....I remember the outline of his comments.

My associate wanted to note that there are different levels of danger in the world. So his words went along the line of:

- There's Memphis-safe where you don't worry about bears or snakes, but you worry about some gang shooting in your house or car.

- There's New York-safe where you don't worry about gangs shooting you but you worry about getting robbed on the subway or getting assaulted in Central Park.

- There's Iowa-safe where you don't worry about pickpockets or thugs, but you worry about tornadoes.
- There's Philly-safe where you don't worry about floods or earthquakes, but you worry about thugs on the street or some nut-case cop.

- There's Montana-safe where you don't worry about thugs, but you worry about bears or wolves.

- There's Alabama-safe where you don't worry about bears or wolves, but you worry about meth-heads or oxie-dopers.

- There's London-safe where you don't worry about floods or gangs, but you worry about anarchists or religious-nutcases.

- There's Chicago-safe where you don't worry about tornadoes but you worry about getting shot.....365 nights out of the year.

- There's Mexico-safe where you don't worry about floods or religious-nutcases, but you worry about drug cartels and drinking the water.

- There's Miami-safe where you don't worry about bears or anarchists, but you worry about hurricanes.

- There's New Orleans-safe where you don't worry kinda worry about everything, and a bunch of extra things that normal humans never think about.

I paused after that little speech because it made you think.  There's no place where you are truly one-hundred percent safe.

For me....I'd admit these days, from my home state of tend to worry about stupid little things like guys hyped up meth or pain-killers....who might think you gave them the wrong look and come out to shoot you in the car.

Where I live today in Wiesbaden, Germany.....I tend to have a short worry list.  Oh, I do now worry about bears (since that stupid report of bears now in Hessen from two years ago), and since I walk a good bit....I might bump into one day....or I might walk around for a hundred years and never see a single one.  I don't worry about thugs or gangs....nor do I worry much about volcanoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes.

If you were looking around for a one-hundred percent place....other than Ireland, I can't think of a truly safe place in the world.  If you went to Finland....there's bears.  If you went to Iceland, there's volcanoes.   On and on, and on.

I think it's a waste of time for any idiot to oppose the unsafe talk that Trump gave.  Safe is relative.  On any given day.....some bus driver will fail to stop....some nut-case will forget his medication.....some religious nut will try to fall for some fraudulent talk.....some elephant-handler will fail to control his elephant.....or some bridge will finally fail.



Haha... Philly does have some crazy cops... haha. Good times at Veterans Stadium; show up wearing a Lawrence Taylor jersey and let the mayhem unfold lol.

Troy Swezey said...

I remember shortly after we arrived in Wiesbaden I was awoken in the middle of the night by a small earthquake. It was the first one in many years according to news reports. I remember thinking, "I left Los Angeles, the land of earthquakes, and here I am having more."

Norman Peterson said...

Ja Troy...I had a similar experience back in the early '70s..the Sylmar quake hit...and friends n Germany were saying "whew...glad we are here"...and on the 19th they had the 4.7 near the Dutch border...felt all around...Had to chuckle....