Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Turk Comedian-President

This is an essay to lay out an ongoing story within Turkish and German circles.

So, there is this state-run network in Germany referred to as NDR.....which covers the north-western section of Germany.  NDR runs this one particular show which goes into deep analysis and on occasion....offers a satiric view of a situation or leader (could be German, could be American, could be Putin, or whoever.

NDR's show....."Extra 3 decided to do a three-minute song piece....featuring the Turkish leader Erdogan.  It featured all of the normal complaints that Turks have about the guy but can't really say in public within Turkey without being thrown in jail.

Well.....Erdogan went ballastic and demanded that German ambassador appear and demanded that the German government take down the video.

NDR took it down....for roughly twenty-four hours, then came right back up with English and Turkish sub-titles.  I sat and watched it this morning.....kinda catchy tune and true on facts.

Hostility?  Erdogan has opened up a hornet's nest as far as I can see.  It'll involve hundreds of German comedians and possibly several thousand Turks who will use this opportunity to use humor to blast away at the guy.

Yeah, he won't take it well, and I doubt if Merkel gets any invitation to come back over for a visit.    The thing is....after a while....young Turks will see Erdogan more as a comedian than a President, and that will kinda end any real respect for the guy.

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