Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Closing Chapter to the Love Parade

On 24 July 2010....a techno festival....the "Love-Parade" was supposed to be held in Duisburg, Germany.  Somewhere in the buildup with a minimum of one million people....chaos filled the streets, and a 'crush' occurred.  Cops sorted out the mess, but 21 people were dead.

The authorities spent a long time investigating the whole episode, and trying to sort out blame.  Parents, friends and associates all wanted justice.  The problem is.....this was a parade where things simply got out of control.

Today, the Duisburg authorities finally closed the whole mess.....saying no one will face any court action over the deaths of 21 people.

Emergency crews dealt with more than six-hundred people injured from the 'crush'.  Some were hurt in a fairly serious way.

Two years ago....the public prosecutor from Duisburg discussed charges against a couple of the city employees, and four people connected to the organizer.  Negligent homicide was discussed.

I think the authorities tried to balance out the expectations prior to the event, and that no one expected this type of crowd to get out of control and that a crush was possible.  If they had....I think they would have just said no to the parade.

The Love-Parade since then?  Finished, done.   It will not be allowed to reoccur again.  I can't think of a single German city that wants to set up this type of parade and take the risks involved.  Even if you stood up and agreed to the risks....then you have the cost factor that no city wants to assume and it's on the backs of the organizers (go figure one million Euro minimum, and a large part of that for security).

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Jess Short said...

Not surprising when you have this sort at these Love Parades.