Monday, April 18, 2016

Political Ranking for April

N-24, a commercially-run German news network.....put up a polling story today on German politics.

It's somewhat negative for the CDU/CSU folks....with their current ranking at 33-percent of the German public. That's down around six points since the beginning of 2016.

The SPD?  They sit at 22-percent.

The Greens?  They are at 13-percent.

The FDP sits at 7-percent, and the Linke Party at 9-percent.

The AfD (anti-immigration party) is current down a point since early 11-percent.

Some people anticipate that in the coming weeks as the satire case between the German comedian and Turkey's Erdogan'll hurt the CDU more and more.

We are in a quiet period presently, with no hyped up election talk in the two German states where fall elections will occur in five months. My humble guess is that as we finally come to August and hyped up political chatter occurs over the affected election areas.....the CDU will lose another point or two....along with the SPD.   The Greens and AfD are the two parties to watch this fall.

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