Friday, April 1, 2016

Rhineland Pfalz Politics

We are approaching three weeks now....since the state election results were determined in Rhineland-Pfalz.  As of coalition government has formed.

Presently, there's an effort to have the winner (the SPD) form with the Greens, and the FDP.  And there's still some hope of a 'grand' coalition between the SPD and the 2nd place winner....the CDU.

In the case of the FDP angle to this.....with a bare minimum 6.2-percent win....they have a fairly good hand at this table and could demand a number of things.  With the Greens also in this mix (5.3-percent) equal hand.

No matter how the SPD plays out this 'poker' game.....they will have to marginalize their goals and accept a coalition government which might not make the majority of SPD voters happy.  This is one of the weak points of the multi-party system.

Results?  No one in the news media says much.  There might be an agreement by early next might be four weeks away.

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