Saturday, April 9, 2016

The One Euro Shop Trend

Over the past decade in Germany, there's been this trend for the One-Euro shops.  It's a shop where everything is Euro of course.

It's one of those places where you could walk through one week and note the collection of sales items....wait a month....and walk through with maybe a quarter of the shop with new items.

It's kind like the dollar-shops in the US.  Everything is cheap, and made in China.  It's always worth ten minutes to go and browse through such a shop.


Troy Swezey said...

Hmmm.... So.... There is an influx of people coming in from other countries, probably with not a lot of 'extra' cash in their pockets but still they need things for their home or whatnot. Is this why these stores are becoming more popular I wonder?

R Hammond said...

It's a gimmick that I don't think existed before, and Germans like getting a "deal". If you look at the's all Chinese-made stuff and cheaply made. I'll walk through....looking for good junk, and usually walk out....without anything.