Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The SPDCDU Party

I sat and watched a humor piece on German TV from this past week....where the cynical German comedian noted the perfect political creation.....a new party and theme which everyone seems happy about.....the SPDCDU Party.  Yeah, it's the combination of the current liberal left SPD Party and the right-leaning CDU Party.

A fair number of Germans would say that over the past five years.....Chancellor Merkel has taken the conservative guys from the CDU, and blended them into a sort of CDU-friendly group that almost resembles the SPD.  If you asked an older German (over the age of 40)....what's the real difference between the SPD and CDU today....they'd grin for a moment and say there's virtually no real difference.

In some ways, they've (both parties) created a unhappy group who used to be SPD or CDU.  To escape this feeling, you are basically stuck with five alternate possibilities (at least with significance).  None of them fit into the old reality when being part of the SPD meant something, or being part of the CDU when it actually was a conservative party.

This is part of the current list of problems when you discuss politics in Germany.

Oh, I'd agree that the internet really did stir up things and cause people to find fault with just everything.  Those state-run TV journalists also helped in herding up naive cattle into one single group who questioned and challenged theatric news.  The effort to create wave-like events the public couldn't accurately judge the truthfulness or fraudulent nature of the event (Stuttgart-21 and ECB episode in Frankfurt) also fell into this issue.

In some ways, politics of Germany in 2016 has burned about every bridge that they've crossed and the participants are left to wonder about the direction in the future.

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