Sunday, April 10, 2016

Two Local Businesses Shifting

Along the Rhine River of Mainz.....with a small harbor on one side....lays two major business operations (side by side).....Cargill GmbH and Nestle (the coffee guys).

Between the two of them....they employ 450 Mainzers (well, there might be some Wiesbaden folks in the mix as well).

They've both come up in recent weeks to say that they will be closing the operation in the close of 2017.

In both cases, the buildings and structures were built in the mid to late 1950s.  There's no real room on the sites for new facilities, and I would imagine that both were already talking of a closure point for their small plants at least a decade ago.

If you live on the northwest end of know the 'burb' because there's this funny smell in the air....twenty-four hours a day.  Cargill manufactures canola/sunflower oil and Nestle manufactures coffee. If you live within a mile of the site, you'd occasionally get the scent on a windy day and be a little aggravated.  The Mombach neighborhood surrounding this area gets a bad rap.....mostly from the scent.

Mainz political figures are talking to both operations, and hoping that maybe they can work some deal....keeping the jobs in the local area.  They won't say the end-point of the deal.....I'm guessing they'd find some decent property on the outskirts of town (west-end) and offer a trade.  Some local commenting indicates that both might have deals figured up already and will rent their present property to some other company.

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