Friday, April 15, 2016

Update on the Satire Affair in Germany

This afternoon, the Chancellor (Merkel) came out and said that the German government will pursue a legal case against the satirist Bohmermann and his poem on Turkey's President Erdogan.

There was some disagreement within the combined government.....the SPD Party did not agree with the logic on this, and the Attorney General is a SPD member.

The thing about paragraph 103 of the Base Law (the Constitution) that covers this insult to a national that eighty-one million Germans are limited to insulting every single person on the face this Earth except for 195 individuals.

Yeah, there are a total of 196 countries in the world and by the application of this law.....any German can write or perform satire on everyone (to include Chancellor Merkel) but they can't perform satire on the 195 heads of government (to include Putin, Assad, or North Korea's Kim).

In my case, holding a German visa and obeying German law.....I'm kinda stuck in the same deal.  I can't perform any satire on President Obama, until 20 January 2017 when he is replaced by President Bernie, President Hillary, or President Donald.

If you were asking for a united front by comedians in Germany.....this probably will wretch-it up this situation very quickly, with all kinds of comments.

For the 195 individuals?  They are probably humored by the protection provided by the German constitution, and the effort by Chancellor Merkel to hold back wave after wave of satire against the evil German satirists.

Where this goes next?  I'm guessing the AfD Party (the anti-immigration folks in Germany) will shock folks by standing up for satire and humor, and saying that what a German says in public against 81 million Germans, and 7.4 billion people.....ought to be OK for another 195 folks.

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