Tuesday, May 3, 2016

US Ambassador to Germany under President Trump (Scenario #44)

Under my fantasy and imagination series of "thinking", I've come to this topic of what might happen to the US Ambassador to Germany scenario, under President Trump.

I think a lot of German political talk will occur in the last quarter of 2016, mostly negative over the idea of candidate Trump coming into the Presidency.

I suspect the pick will be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The reason is simple.  Arnold is an Austrian-turned-American, who speaks German, is pro-business, a Republican, and a guy who might make off-the-cuff comments in Berlin on a daily basis.

Imagine watching some German state-run TV political chat forum show, and they invite the US ambassador (Arnold) to be at the show and make commentary.  The intellectual crowd ought to normally carry the heavy weight and easily poke at the American on the talk panel.  But in this case....Arnold simply won't back down, and he'll flip over to his Austrian accent just to anger the news media thugs.

As the weeks and months go by....the German public are more entertained by Arnold than convinced to go anti-US by the typical intellectual theme discussions.

Maybe I'm wrong about this episode and how Trump might treat German relations.  But I don't think he'll just let intellectual arguments run rampant against the US.  And Arnold?  Well.....I know....he's making some money and happy back in the movie business.  But to be US Ambassador to Germany for four years?  With a free house and weekly invitations to big-name parties in Berlin?  Who'd turn that down?

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