Friday, June 17, 2016

BREXIT After the Shooting

A week ago, the trend was that BREXIT would go to 'leave' with 52-to-53 percent.  Today?  Since the shooting of the MP?  I'd say that the election will occur next week with 'stay' winning by 50.5 (ever so close).

The MP shooting episode?  If you follow what the locals know of the guy.....he's a bit on the crazy side and usually taken with right-wing causes.  The pistol?  It's hand-made (yes, he even ordered the manual from the US over a decade ago), and apparently built this himself.  It shoots one single round, then you reload.  Somehow.....he fired one round, and went to reload....firing a second shot.  All of this spoken by a witness who spoke to the local news.

Are the Brits charged up over the shooting?  I'd say from both right and left.....there's some frustrations over this happening, and hope that some people will reflect upon their votes and vote to stay within the EU.

An effort to change the gun laws?  If you were looking for the biggest gun control country in the world.....I'd rate the UK near the top.  This weapon in question....was you can't go and do much more than what exists already.....unless you came to the nut-cases and said they all had to go into a facility.

The thing is....if 'stay' wins by a 50.5 percent as I suspect.....a lot of frustrations and anger will remain.  It won't be simple to stay, and it'll simply open the window for future negativity to occur and challenges to the EU system.

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