Sunday, June 26, 2016


DEXIT stands for Germany exiting the EU.

I's a term that no one much has heard....except today in the Sunday Bild (the daily newspaper in Germany).

Bild turned to Emnid (a poll organization) to see how Germans would feel about leaving the EU.  The shocker?  One in three Germans says 'fine, let's leave the EU'.  Actually the number of 29-percent but that's fairly close to the one-in-three number.

Something to worry about?  Well....if you were a SPD or CDU member (from the center-left or center-right)....then you'd ask some questions.  Apparently, the bold words of the intellectual folks and state-run news media aren't working on one-third of German society.  What you wouldn't want, as we near the fall 2017 election to have 30-odd percent of German society vote for the AfD Party to make a statement about both immigration AND anti-EU sentiments.

The other shocker to the poll taken is that only 63-percent think that the UK really screwed up badly.  You would have thought 95-percent of Germans would have said that.  But it's only two out of three Germans saying it's a really bad thing.

The odds of a DEXIT topic coming up for the 2017 election?  There are twenty great things that can be said about the EU and what they've created.  Sadly, there are also twenty-odd things of negative nature that really rubs more than half of Germany society in a bad way.  You would think that the EU folks would take notice.....ask some questions and stage some improvements in the future to show lessons learned.

So, don't count on DEXIT being a topic to be discussed much (especially on state-run TV), but I suspect that some Germans will bring it up occasionally.

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