Monday, June 13, 2016

Juvenile Journalism

I sat last night and watched German state-run ARD news at 8PM.

Generally, at least once a week, you get a dose of juvenile journalism.....the kind of stuff that a 15-year-old kid would assemble and think he was clever, and the audience was not.

Last night's juvenile piece was the first story to come up....on the Orlando shooting.  They wanted to jump quickly onto Trump and go negative.  So, they use the typical anti-Bush gimmick.....a really bad picture and some comical analysis of what Trump said over the shooting episode.

Seconds later....Hillary's comment comes up (a full slide with words, and a four-star picture).  I should note that the picture has to be from 2008 because she looked awful great and young in the picture.  The theme with Hillary?  She invokes "cohesion".  You can guess what Donald invokes (non-cohesion).   "Trump wants to capitalize on the tragedy" was another theme of news for Monday night.

The general strategy of this slant?  In a typical run-up to elections in Germany....the SPD will use the anti-Bush or anti-nukes or anti-USA coverage to cover their limited theme.  I'd take a guess that forty-percent of Germany likes the anti-coverage and typically believes whatever state-run TV news puts up.  It would have been much higher a decade ago but loss of news media trust has been one of the issues from the immigration problems.

A hard sell to the German public this time around?  Here's the thing, if you asked a group of Germans to put up their top ten issues or complaints....few have anything to do with the US.  You might have a couple of people who want to cite TTIP (the trade agreement), and a small group who are still worried about their private data which might fall into the hands of Goggle, the NSA, or Facebook.  That's about it.

By cranking up the anti-Trump theme....some juvenile journalists will imagine they can lead German voters around to the strongest anti-Trump German candidate by the end of 2017 and the German election.

The amusing part to this story?  I actually have to pay a monthly TV or media tax, which pays for the juvenile journalism.

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Jess Short said...

I've been telling my friends about the idiot news media on ARD for years. They seem to always have an agenda and ALWAYS fill a panel of "experts" and "intellectuals" with jackasses that share the same liberal opinion as themselves. In my opinion, there are no more true journalist left. (author of this blog excluded)