Friday, June 24, 2016

My EU-ESC Solution

After viewing the BREXIT results and the looking over the long future ahead (a year ahead at least)....there is one key issue left on the table.  It isn't just the fact that 52-odd percent of Brits hated the's the fact that across Europe....there's a fair sum of people who want the EU modified and changed but realize such change will likely not occur.

In Germany, I'd take a guess that roughly one-third of the working-class German population see the EU as a problem in need of fixing.  These are generally the people who are told by the Berlin leadership crowd that they just don't realize how lucky they have the EU working as it is.  So fixing the EU probably isn't possible unless you exit the program.

Well.....after much pondering....I've come to a rational fix for the you don't have to exit the Union or get all tangled up into frustrating situations like the Brits got themselves into.

I call my solution.....the EU-ECS (European Song Competition) fix.

For those who aren't familiar with the European Song's a singing contest held yearly.....with forty-odd competitors from across Europe, Russia, and this year Australia (yeah, they actually them into the European scheme of things).  Back in the 1960s....the ECS was a big deal and people took it serious.

But after years and years of never getting high in the ratings for the winner status.....the Germans woke up in the 1998 period....and decided if you can't's best to be cynical and send a big-joke to the competition.  Guido Horn went and it was sent more as a joke than anything else.  In 2000, Stefan Raab did another cynical slam at the competition.

Some Germans are furious at the cynical attempts to play the ECS, but most who watch it.....realize that the voting population in Europe simply won't vote for a German.

So, I want to take the ECS gimmick of a fraud singer being sent to compete, and I want to use the 2019 EU election to reset the deck.

Out there in the political community of European is a political party called "The Party".  It's an Icelandic invention.....mostly some sarcastic and cynical people who think that democracy has become a fake device and it's time to put comedians into the mix of things.

I'm suggesting that across the future EU community (27 countries)....that everyone who is fed up with the EU and lack of change....form up behind "The Party" and send some characters to Brussels to reset the whole mechanism.  I need roughly forty-percent of the general public in Europe to vote this way, and turn roughly 350 of the 751 seats into "The Party" ministers, and make the next five years (2019 to 2024) a fairly big joke.  If the EU won't transform.....let them enjoy the daily humor of the comedians.  Maybe the comedians will talk up the need for regulation on beach towels, regulate toilet paper down to one thin sheet, or identify each other as "Supreme Leader" when addressing in public forums.

Yes, ECS the whole EU thing into a joke, and make them sit there and suffer this for five years.  At the end of that.....either the intellectual crowd will agree for modification, or they get another round of comedians at the head of the EU.

In case this method is used.....while I do want to claim credit for the idea.....I will decline any Nobel Peace Prize....if offered.....mostly because I'd have to dress up with a fancy suit for this type of ceremony and I'm just not going to do that.

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