Friday, June 24, 2016

Odd Aspects of the BREXIT Event

There are two things I noticed today from several hours of viewing action from BBC, Sky, RT, France24, and the German news.

First, one of the Brit professors who is keen on the treaty business....says that it could very well take two years to actually exit out, and possibly on up to ten years (remote possibility).

The exit treaty has to be passed and agreed upon by Parliament first.  Then the 751 MP's of the EU have a go, and a majority must agree to the treaty of the exit.  Then it goes to the 27 remaining members, and at least 20 of them must agree to the form of the treaty.

As the professor points out.....the trade deal of the treaty could be very neatly worded and threaten all kinds of negatives.....only to find that twelve of the EU members refuse to screw over the British.  From his opinion, all this rough talk....really will get anti-EU enthusiasts in Europe hyped up to quit, and it would really be helpful for the EU to screw over Britain to the maximum extent possible as they exit.  But which countries would sign up to make twenty to accomplish this?

Then we come to issue number two.....there are fair number of Brits as one analyst points out.....that are now very negative about staying in the UK.

If Merkel and the German crew were to open some door and hint that British refugees (certainly a lousy word to use) suddenly asked to enter Germany.....Merkel and crew would gladly have no problem in accepting a hundred-thousand Brits into Germany.

If you look at start-up company operations in London.....there's probably 500 British ready to leave over the next month and get their operation settled into Berlin or Hamburg.

You can imagine Nigel and Tiffany showing up at the Auslander office.....asking for asylum, and just saying they are "British" and in need of a new homeland.  The German bureaucrat sits there amazed and asks why. Nigel says.....all heck has broke out in England and they just can't stay.

A day will pass and some former BBC journalist shows up at German state-run TV and says he can't stay in the UK.....wondering if some job might be invented for him to come and stay in Germany.

For some idiots who think this might be the end of the world.....they might actually be serious enough to do the immigration game.  It just opens up a bucket of worms.

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