Monday, June 6, 2016

TV Viewing From Sunday Night

I often comment on German television options.  For an American to walk in and feel 'at-home' with the various evening schedule and find something from the twenty-odd is a bit of a challenge.

On Sunday night.....a new show premiered on RTL (commercially-run)....."Man Gottschalk",  For years, Thomas Gottschalk was associated with state-run TV....producing mostly a live tricks-interview-music show.   Now, he's opened a new show which is a wide variety show (tunes, interviews, etc).  All done live.

His one big hype at the beginning of the show?  He has to compete on this time-slot against Tatort (a murder-cop series), on state-run Channel One (ARD).  

For those who've never watched Tatort.....somewhere in the first five minutes of the show....someone is typically going to be murdered, and you don't know who did it.  So then enters a cop or two, and for seventy-odd minutes, they weave a story over various candidates who might have done the murder.

I've irritated my German wife on more than forty occasions by announcing the murderer by minute six of the show.  Gottschalk did one better.....about three minutes into his live show....he announced the murderer.  Some Tatort fans were going back and forth....wanting to watch the Gottschalk and the Tatort episode.  These folks were a bit peeved.

As for the numbers?  In the end, the Tatort series got almost 8-million Germans to watch their show.  The four-hour Gottschalk show?  Barely two million watched.d

Maybe forty years ago....this type of live interview and musical entertainment show would have been popular with most Germans (various age groups).  Today?  The appeal is dwindling.  Gottschalk is trying to package three different shows into one.

If you asked most Germans, they'd say they are satisfied with the twenty-odd viewing options they have.  Most teens would say they are very happy with the Netflix or Amazon streaming video options that they have.  And most folks over seventy years old will say they are happy with the Sat-Gold channel which features Bonanza and Baywatch during the evening hours.

A lot of hype or talk.....over mostly nothing?  Yeah.  Maybe on the next Gottschalk show....he'll bring on a dozen Tatort actors and lead everyone in the studio through a mysterious staged murder for four hours.

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