Tuesday, July 19, 2016

An Internal Civil Conflict in Germany?

With all the hype that occurred in Turkey over the weekend.....no one really said much or suggested much over Turks in Germany (there are roughly three million ethnic Turks in Germany.....meaning they were born here of Turkish parents or came here).

Journalists late yesterday started to ask questions and note that there is now a growing conflict between pro-Erdogan Turks in Germany and anti-Erdogan Turks.  Naturally, the political folks are a bit chilled over this circumstance and realize that you could have a little mini conflict in Germany.....over something that this non-German.

Focus reports that around 3,000 pro-Erdogan supporters came out in Berlin as pro-Erdogan.

Up in North Rhine Westphalia....some vandalism was noted against the anti-Erdogan folks or their business operations.

Up until now, the most intense conflict you would see in Germany over Turks involved the Kurds.  There was the pro-Turk enthusiasm that came around to various communities.  I noted one Kurd group in Wiesbaden from two years ago.....having a rally of sorts in the mid-town area.

How many anti-Erdogan supporters are there?  Unknown.  Same unknown for the pro-Erdogan crowd in Germany.

If you are a German in the midst of a high-density area of Turk-Germans.....you have to be shaking your head.  These are all people who've come for the great economic environment of Germany, and transparent government.  Why some attachment to a political apparatus outside of Germany?  Why get angry over some pro-Erdogan or anti-Erodan supporter?

So, on top of a list of 1,000 essential things to worry about each day in Germany.....now an average German has to worry about some internal conflict with Turks.  

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