Saturday, July 2, 2016

Explaining the Peto Party

In the late north Germany, there was this trend to discuss politics at national, state, and local level.  Some younger Germans felt that the normal political platform routine was working with the CDU, SPD or Green Party.  Perhaps in some way, they were all trying to take a national vision and apply it down the line to the local community.

In 1999, the creation of the Peto Party comes into existence in Monheim, in North Rhine Westphalia. Peto means young alternative.

In the 2014 Monheim, the Peto Party pulled around 94-percent in the Mayor's election, against the Green Party candidate (5-percent).  City council seats went almost 65-percent for Peto.

If you drill down into their politics which sells easily at the local level....they emphasize preservation for youth centers and sports activities.  They stress urban planning.  They stress bicycle usage to get around the community, and the increase in bike  paths. The party has pressed on for more kindergarten operations (five additional fronts being planned).

In a way, they are taking the 30-to-40 year old couples who have kids, and organizing around a theme that they would entertain and 'buy-into' politically.  It's a community in Monheim that you'd like to be a part of and the Peto Party is marketing that theme (like a urbanized and modern-day Mayberry).

In one way, they are finally delivering a customized package for local voters who just want competency and a plan that fits their needs and not some national party trying to act like it's concerned over your local welfare or city planning.

A trend?  In major cities of Germany?  I'd have doubts that this would sell.  But in a town of 50,000 residents or less.....which has seen SPD or CDU gimmick campaigns and corruption occur.....well, it might be time to try something different.

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