Friday, July 15, 2016


What will happen in France?  For a number of weeks, I've followed the events in France and Belgium, and read a fair bit.

From 2015, I noted an article that detailed that there are around 750 neighborhoods or regions of France which are now considered no-go places.....where no France cop will wander into unless he's got significant back-up.  The chief reason why this developed?  There are only 64-million residents in France, with around 10-percent of that being Muslim.  You can go back to the 1960s and view the open-door policy and how this continued to bring more Muslims into the country.

My humble guess is that Germany would have the same problem....if their 82-million population reaches a point where they have 10-percent of the population Muslim.  Presently....there are 4.3-million.....roughly 5-percent.

For the France, one of the consequences of the shootings of the past year is an effect on the Presidential election in April of 2017.  Presently, I would take a guess that a serious right-wing contender will arrive and get the votes sit in the office.....but then you have to ask what the heck could be done.

My suggestion would be to take all of the active duty troops (207,000) along with the reserve force (27,000), and every cop.....then declare a one-year "war".  From the 750 neighborhoods that are considered no-go?  Bring in the cops and military.....arrest anyone with issues.

People you suspect of radicalization?  Get their cellphone number and drop their speed down by 90-percent.  If they internet connectivity in the house.....cut it by 90-percent.  If they frequent any internet cafe.....cut their speed by 90-percent.

In essence, make their life miserable enough that they have to start contemplating leaving France and going back to the old country.

Unfair?  Try to imagine France in ten the rate things are going.

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