Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How Open-Carry Would Work in France or Germany

First, to relieve a German who might get all frustrated and hostile that it's against the law, and absolutely wrong for a stupid American to suggest such behavior or lawlessness to occur.....let's get the fact out there.  Open Carry does not exist in Germany or France....it is absolutely against the law.  It would absolutely change the nature and character of people in a terrible way if this had to occur.

Now, take a deep breathe.

Let's assume over the next 18 months that several things happen.  First, more random attacks with knives, swords, cars, dynamite, and guns occur.....with two people here, ten people there, and occasionally forty to sixty people killed.  Let's assume that the spring election in France for the office of President goes badly and the right-wing wins a dramatic vote.  Then let's assume that a vast amount of hostility and frustration exists in Germany with politics and inability to make the nation safe.  Then let's assume the shocker in November of 2017, with the AfD actually getting 37-percent or more of the national vote, and partnering with a junior party to run Germany.

All of these things are impossible, but realistically, we are heading down this road.

So my proposition here....is that you will reach a stage by the end of 2017, where normal fixes and solutions won't work.  The public reaches the stage where Open Carry is now an open topic and to be discussed.

This is how it would work.

You continue the normal license paperwork, and authorization that exists currently.

You extend out the option of being a reserve police member of your nation, which will require a review of a police authority.  If you are on some watch list, or have arrests.....you don't go any further in the process.  If you have military or police training in your background....you go to the front of the line.

Once given a reserve police badge (of any variety), you are deputized by the local police commissioner to provide support to his organization.  You are now allowed to apply for a normal gun permit.  Once granted (it may take three months to achieve the course, requirements, etc).  You are now authorized to carry a weapon in public....at any time.  It can be a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

This police reserve duty will carry one simple rule.....you cannot drink or use illegal narcotics while on duty and carrying a weapon.  If you break such a rule.....you permanently lose your license.

The public now has to accept the fact that on such-and-such bus each morning....there are twelve retired guys on it, four with shotguns, and the rest with pistols.

In the first year of this, I would anticipate fifty-odd individuals who are shot in some way while violating the safety of the public.

Journalists will hate this situation and demand an end to this.  Somewhere around the second year, you start to notice fewer and fewer terrorist incidents.  Reporters will try to claim that weapons are no longer required, but the public won't buy off on their message.

Ten years down the road.....the number of reserve duty members will be cut back and curtailed.

I'm not saying this is the best solution....but if you had across France today.....two million people armed with shotguns....it might send a message and lessen the threat to some degree.  I do agree....this is not how civilization should enabled.  But we apparently have some uncivilized people who've arrived and very determined to lessen the existence of civilization.  What exactly should we do then?  Let them succeed?

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