Sunday, July 10, 2016

Leadership Qualities

I sat and watched through BBC news last night as they hyped up the latest political fight going on.

Since BREXIT has dissolved public confidence in just about every single political party in the UK.....there is some fighting going on with leadership and a vote to arise shortly.

Within the conservative movement.....oddly, it's one woman versus another woman.

So, to ensure the proper amount of bickering and public nonsense.....the difference between the leadership qualities of the two women is that one had children within her life and history......and the other one made the decision NOT to have children within her life and history.

Theresa Mays is the 59-year-old gal, who made one single comment a few years ago, which has stuck around.....on not having kids.

The opponent....Andrea the 53-year-old gal, who hyped up her position this week in that she's a better candidate for Prime Minister....because she had kids.

Churchill probably be standing in the midst of this....if he were alive.....sipping a whiskey and commenting there are several hundred finer qualities to a leader that rank above kids-in-life.  He'd probably observe that a good leader ought to be able to define a fine whiskey versus an average whiskey.  This would upset the anti-whiskey crowd of course, and trigger an ale candidate to talk negative against Churchill.

I'd say at this point, both ladies ought to be dismissed, and some fresh prospective ought to be brought into the whole leadership debate.  Sadly, this is how democracy is developing in Europe today.

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