Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pizza Doctor?

Occasionally, I'll notice a business idea in Germany and marvel at how it was developed and succeeded.  And on some occasions, I'll just sit there and shake my head because it's doomed to be a failure.

A couple of months ago....Dominos in Wiesbaden shut down.  The pizza operation just never took off like people thought.  On quantity, I felt like they were selling enough to pay their bills but it just never expanded to show real profit.  The location?  Well, they picked the center of town where there is no parking at all, and their chief plus idea was pizza delivery around mid-town Wiesbaden.

The building has been vacant since they left.

This past week, I noticed some renovation work taking place and a new sign on the front....."Pizza Doctor".

It would appear that someone has decided to throw some capital at the idea of another pizza house in town.....hoping to rekindle the delivery business in mid-town Wiesbaden. But the name?   Pizza Doctor?

I could probably think of a hundred decent names for a pizza operation.....but Pizza Doctor wouldn't be on the list.

More commentary, upon the grand opening and a taste of their pizza.

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