Thursday, July 28, 2016

Resigning Isn't Part of the Game

There was a quickly arranged news conference for Chancellor Merkel today.  Normally, she'd do one at the end of the summer vacation period for the Berlin leadership.  Because of the attacks....they pushed this forward.

So, toward the end of this.....after she'd said a bit about the improvements they were going to push forward on security....some reporter finally got to the "resignation" question....which was asked in a friendly way....more or less....when such an event would be planned.  The Chancellor was more or less.....annoyed and answered little to nothing on the question.

Can she resign?  Well.....if you ask the's somewhere near 50-percent (or was back in Jan/Feb timeframe) of German society that felt it was the right time to go.

But there's this big problem.....even if she goes....who comes up next to save Germany and refocus things?

Almost all of the top ten CDU members after Merkel are pro-asylum and pro-immigration. If you go to the opposition party....the SPD....their top ten people are also of the same 'flavor'.

If we had to go to a national election right now?  That's another curious thing.....other than the AfD other major party is suggesting massive changes on immigration.

The public?  I would take a reasonable guess that almost fifty percent of the public wants a major change, but half of them are UNWILLING to vote AfD.  This is mostly because of the limited to marginal platforms that exist after immigration and security.  Plus there is this maturity problem of the AfD.....they just don't have a dozen-odd characters ready to go at the national level.

If you went and asked the top people in the CDU Party out of Berlin.....none of them would agree that she should resign....but mostly because no one has any idea how to craft a different platform and NOT seem Nazi-like if they went anti-immigration.   It's almost telling some comedian that they want some funny jokes but then tell the guy of 14,000 things that you can't make fun or joke about.

We are almost 15 months away from the national election, and leaving via some resignation just won't work.  So, as painful as it sounds, and frustrating Germans almost weekly.....this leadership situation will remain the same.

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