Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Selling Frankfurt

After BREXIT, there was some hyped up talk of 10,000 financial world jobs possibly leaving London, and maybe landing in Frankfurt.  So people sat down and discussed the matter.

There's this one significant problem for the Frankfurt crowd in getting the jobs.....people in London generally consider Frankfurt to be.....well....boring.

I've been several times to London....mostly for one day trips.  What you generally notice after a while is that there is a certain atmosphere to London.  It is different from Frankfurt.

There are stage shows and musicals in London.  Literally dozens. In Frankfurt?  There are probably three or four significant concerts each weekend, and a decent opera at the big opera house in town.....but it's a big step down, I admit.

The pub district?  London probably has a five-star atmosphere.  Frankfurt?  It's got Sachensenhausen.....which is a hearty place to sip a beer or two on weekends.

London has a festival of sorts every single weekend.  Frankfurt probably has six to ten fests per year.  Course, if you drew a 100 km circle around Frankfurt, there are probably 2,000 fests per year.

Sports?  Frankfurt has a marginally decent soccer club (yeah they almost got sent to the second-league this year).

There are probably 25 musicals going on in London......Frankfurt?   Well.....yeah, it's just not much to talk about.

Culture?  Frankfurt isn't exactly known for culture or elite things.

Safety?  With the exception of one single area down near the Frankfurt railway station.....I can't think of any place in Frankfurt that I would consider unsafe.  London?  It's mostly safe.

I'm not sure how Frankfurt could fix this problem.  The population of greater London (the big circle) is roughly 8.5 million.  If you toss Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Offenbach.....into the situation....they measure up to around 5.8 million people (Wiki's numbers).

You can go back two hundred years ago and note the historical nature of Frankfurt's money market.

Maybe the Hessen folks can market and sell Frankfurt in a better way, but I suspect there is a limit to getting London folks to buy into the idea of moving to Frankfurt.

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