Saturday, July 2, 2016

State Electoin Coming Up

With the state election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany just sixty-odd days away.....polling starts to matter.

So, here's the current trend as reported by Focus today:

CDU: 25-percent
SPD: 22-percent
Linke Party: 17-percent
AfD Party: 19-percent
Green Party: 7-percent

This was a poll produced by NDR (a state-run network) and a couple of newspapers from the region.

Does BREXIT rumble through Mecklenburg politics?  Not that much.  There are some extreme leftists who are fed up with the EU and want change or have the EU dissolved.  In the extreme right....the same type people.

In this case, because a coalition must be formed....if the numbers were to stay the same, then the CDU could form an agreeable coalition with the SPD.  If the numbers slid for the SPD and CDU....say 2-points each....then a coalition of the two would not be enough, and you'd have to anticipate the AfD folks being near 23-percent (almost enough to overtake the lead).  But even if the AfD won....who could they work a coalition one would dare share the platform.

I think the AfD folks would be happy to be in third-place with 19-to-20 percent of the vote, and force some recognition for the next election in the state of Berlin.

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