Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sunday and the Demonstrations

Koln will be a fairly busy place tomorrow (31 July)....with various demonstrations leading back to Turkey.

So, first there is demonstration number one...."Yes to Democracy and No to the Coup".  Cops say this demonstration in Koln will involve near 30,000 people.  This is the pro-Erdogan episode.

Second is the downtown rally under the title of "Stop the Islamist Autocrats from Bosporus".  This is more of a right-wing group.  Cops say at best, this might add up to 500 people.  One account suggested it might only be a couple dozen folks who show for this demonstration.

The third demonstration will involve the Hay Market area of town.....and is supposed to involve some Green Party individuals.....who appear to be anti-Erdogan.  Cops think at best....this might amount up to 1,500 people.

The fourth entitled "Against Koln Law" and is thought to be pro-Erdogan and might amount to a couple hundred people.

Finally, you come to a counter-Erdogan group with the "International Krefeld" title.  Here, the cops are talking about a couple hundred folks.

Where will all of this Turkish demonstration business lead onto?  I'm not quiet sure.  Some of the enthusiasm pumped up here....leads back to some Mosque operations and you have to be curious over the leadership of the Mosque and how the religious side of this plays into German-Turk lives.  Some German-Turks would tell you that they could care less about Erdogan or what happens in that they are very happy in Germany.

Why hyped up enthusiasm in Koln?  Thirty-four percent of all Turks in in North Rhine-Westphalia.  Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg rank second and third.....with thirty-eight percent between them.  The remaining thirteen German states have roughly 30-percent of the Turkish population between them.

The former states of East Germany?  It's a curious thing.....with the exception of Berlin....less than one-percent of the Turk-German population resides in the eastern states.

But there is this other interesting statistic about Turks in North Rhine-Westphalia...there are roughly 1.1 million in this state, and the best that the pro-Erdogan folks could 30,000 (if the cops guessed right).  So there really isn't a huge amount of support for Erdogan in Germany.....if you sit and think about.

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