Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Forbidden Topic

While the weekend topic of gun control got brought up in Germany once again, it's hard to see how you can drill down one more layer.....other than making a law that says it's illegal to buy illegal guns.  I know, it sounds silly.

So the obvious next question is.....should freedom of religion turn into the German interpretation of gun laws....that it's NOT a right but a privilege?

Most people would say that it's impossible and anti-EU to go and even suggest such an idea.

I went looking....across the globe.

Bangladesh for example.....states that Islam is the national religion but notes that any religion may be practiced, if "in harmony".  They don't exactly write 10,000 word laws around this "in harmony" but I'm guessing a police chief or judge would make the determination.

Cambodia for example....states that Buddhism is the national religion but allows other religions as long as they don't affect other people's religions or affect public order or safety.

Estonia for example....states an absolute freedom to religion, UNLESS you create a problem which is threatening health, general public order or morals.

France for example....maintains freedom to religion, up until the point where you might be a criminal organization masquerading as a religious organization, and then the government steps in to halt it.

India for example.....allows for religious freedom....up until you threaten public order, morality or heath.

North Korea for example....allows for absolute religious freedom.  Well....they say that anyway.  Oddly, they don't have many shootings or mass murders there.

I doubt if any political party in Germany would be willing to even allow an open forum to discuss some lessening of religious freedom.  The Catholic Church would question how this would work, and it's be a difficult topic for forty-percent of the nation to handle.

The thing is....if you've done just about everything to strap down gun laws and you've hired tens of thousands of cops on top of what you've already done, and it's still not enough to charm the public into believing they are safe.....what then?

Eventually down the line....five years....ten years....twenty years....unless something happens to disturb the trend.....this spiral will eventually bring people to ask if guns aren't a right, why not make religion into a non-right as well.

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