Friday, July 1, 2016

The Likely New Germans

Since Thursday of last week, there have been some German journalists who've quietly suggested that with BREXIT.....will come Brits to Germany.  I's a pretty far reach for some Germans to suggest this.

The thought here is that some young Brits are scared and worried over their job future.  The world will end.....if the EU isn't connected to your country or job least some folks are told this.

My humble opinion is that in the six months that remain in 2016....there might be a thousand Brits who give some resume over to a German employer, and suddenly find themselves offered a job and chance to be safely in Germany and the EU.  As folks go over and make the transition, maybe in 2017.....there might be 10,000 Brits who make the move and settle in places like Berlin or Frankfurt.

By the end of 2018, I suspect that 25,000 Brits will have made the transit over to Germany.  I don't consider it a negative thing, or a positive thing.  The Germans won't complain because they really need more immigrants anyway.

The problem I see is that Brits have a sense of humor.  The Brits are the one who made Monty Python, Blackadder, Dad's Army, Fawlty Towers, and The Office (they did it originally).

The affect of these 25,000 Brits on Germany will have consequences for decades to come.  Cynical views, sarcastic commentary, and wicked observations.....will all come to bear on the tough, determined and grumpy German.

Some Germans will eventually question the necessity of accepting the Brits.....that they are changing society and flipping the the normally sedated Germans into something that is not German.

My suggestion is that Germans not get all excited about this or upset.  The Brits will bring their odd habits.....ask for ale.....occasionally mentioned some feeling for the queen.....prefer tea in the afternoon....drink a bit too much (often in fact) reluctant to fix their teeth....and overdo the laughing at themselves quiet a bit.  If you get real upset....instead of uttering islamophobia....just utter anglophobia a couple of times in an intellectual situation and accuse the people dumping on the new Brit-Germans as neo-Nazis.  Things will be fine with these new Germans.


Jeffrey said...

It really makes you wonder about the power of culture. How did a mixture of Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, and Jutes), mixed with some Scandinavians and Celts, come up with English humor? The same people separated by an sense of humor.

R Hammond said...

If you go back and look at Beowulf and Chaucer, they laid out the concept of innuendo. These are necessary, for humor to exist. So as Gutenburg's printing gets delivered to the world in 1525...there's finally a device to bulk-print books, and you start to see poems and puns in print which suggest some disrespect to religion, authority, and civilization. You can look at the era of the 1800s and how humor really took off in England.

There is humor across the rest of Europe....just to some lesser degree.