Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Turkey: Day Five

I sat through two hours of Turkish news and commentary yesterday (CNN, BBC, German national news, RT, Sky, France 24, etc).

The EU laid down a blunt card.....if they go and consider re-instating executions and then pass it.....all talks with Turkey will end, period.

The Turks then stood up and said it was their right.  Two-hundred-odd folks were dead, and families demand retribution from those involved.

So then the various German political figures did their song and dance about the evils of execution.

The NATO chief did his song-and-dance about how this affect the relationship to NATO.

The US chief of diplomacy (John Kerry) did his song-and-dance about the evils of executions (course, the US does execute around 100-to-200 folks every year for various crimes of a similar nature).

The opposition parties to Turkey are trying hard to settle this down and end the talk on Turkey reinstating executions.  Their talk though.....leads to harder opinions in Turkey over current relationships.

It wouldn't surprise if in the next day or two....they threaten to shut down the US operation at Incirlik.....at least for several days to demonstrate they are the ones in charge.

A total shutdown of US and German operations out of Incirlik?  It's hard to imagine how this would occur.  It would mean some meeting where it's decided for everyone to pack up and leave....real quick. NATO would then reconsider membership for Turkey, and then Erdogan would be outside of the EU and US circle.  Putin would be grinning because it's all a hyped up mess now for Erdogan.

This list of people who were fired from government positions?  This list was made up weeks ago....that was a shocker from all the talk yesterday.  Erdogan simply used the coup to accelerate firing these people.

Lot of angry people around Turkey with differing positions.  Some love Erdogan....some hate him.  Some worry about the future in Turkey and maybe it's time to leave.   I think a number of German political folks would like for some door to open and they could help the Turks leave who want to leave.....but this would open up the whole discussion on immigrants in Germany again.  The last four months....it's really gone down to a marginal level on immigrant news and very few are arriving presently.

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