Thursday, September 8, 2016

German Level of Amateurishness

One of the mystery questions from the refugee and migrant crisis facing Germany how the leadership in Berlin failed?  This is never really asked by the journalists in any of the political chat forums televised in Germany.  The simple German guy sitting at home has to wonder at times......all this brilliant leadership.....intellectualism to be measured in massive scale....and in the end, what leadership was given...was marginal at best.  Why?

Germany runs an interesting Republic.  National elections occur every four years.  You the citizen....get a chance to vote for a party.  When the votes are counted up.....a percentage of the Bundestag is made up with party members.  The party approves the make-up, and they get assigned to Berlin.  They get an apartment....get settled in....and approach their purpose.

If you are in the coalition (CSU, CDU and SPD) could end up with a "real job"....where you are in charge of some agency or department of the government.  If not....then you are just a representative to the Bundestag.  Meetings are held.....drafts of laws are discussed....and votes occur.

You get used to the standard order of out of Berlin.  You hang out with like-minded people......attend parties with like-minded reporters who are like-minded....and socialize with like-minded people. A vacuum chamber? could say that.

You could spend twenty-five years of your life in Berlin.....chatting with like-minded people and living within a sphere of what you believe.

After a aren't really around people from the heartland.  You don't know what a dozen guys from a pub in Sachsen might say on a Thursday night.  You have no idea what Saarlander folks think about unless some journalist tells you.....but even can't be sure about what the reporter says.

Back in 2014....when people were asking stupid questions....reporters just joked about it and said they were the 'backward' crowd or just plain stupid.  The Berlin crowd accepted that.  Today?  When you have around 20-percent of society asking questions, and another 20-percent who generally feel the migrant program and integration deal is failing.....well, it's a shock.  But if you were attending the parties, and hanging out with like-minded people.....well, you were driving to a state of amateur behavior or marginal leadership.

In a way, when you get elected to need some boat anchor attached....which forces you to come back weekly and monthly to regular people and get real impressions (not the stuff that journalists feed).  When you are challenged into a position of authority and's mostly because you can view a situation and provide a remedy.

It's hard to say where this solution or repair to the current negativity in Germany will be found.   At the same time, I think public confidence in the current group sitting in Berlin is at a all-time low.  When people come to expect amateur behavior as the might as well hang up your situation and find another job.

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