Friday, October 21, 2016

The Topics of the 2017 German Election?

This is my list of what the general public will say that they are concerned about and want political dialog.

1.  Immigration and integration.  As long as the 250,000 entry level continues.....the public will be happy and lessen this topic of immigration.  If Turkey decides to open the door and allow more refugees to make the crossing....with half-a-million hiking up in 2017, then it moves to the top of the list.  As for integration?  It's a cost factor mostly.  By the time you add up the shelter, the care, the language classes, and much is it and is it worth the money?

2.  Crime.  Robbery and break-ins are up.  The public wants more cops.  More cops have been hired.  My guess is that by mid-summer of 2017.....the public will even MORE cops hired and the parties will have to address this problem.

3. Terrorism. It leads back to Jihadists and most parties would prefer not to discuss this.

4.  Pension reform.  Frankly, in about fifteen to twenty'll be a problem.  They need to restructure and make people pay more.  You can guess the reaction of the general public.

5.  The Solidarity Tax.  It's supposed to end in 2019.  Almost no political party wants it to end.  The general public.....I'm guessing.....over 90-percent want it ended.

6.  Affordable housing in urbanized areas.  If you go to Frankfurt or Stuttgart or's a major issue.  But it's generally not the government's job to build and lease apartments.  They could make it financially interesting by leasing gov't property for 100-year periods to developers or finding some method to build high-speed rail out to outlying rural areas.

7.  School renovation funds.  Lately, a fair amount of talk has occurred with the condition of schools across Germany.  Frankly, they need billions and the money just isn't there for the amount of work they are talking about.

8.  State-run TV.  Politicians have no desire to mess with the structure or the tax.  The general public?  If you sat at some bar and brought this up.....half of society would like to see changes (like consolidation of ZDF and ARD).

9.  Press on for BREXIT to occur.  German politicians may wake up to find that several neighbors aren't willing to give the Brits a one-star exit deal, and that all this tough talk is worthless.

10.  Job growth needs to stay on track.

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