Friday, November 11, 2016

Defining Trumpism

I noted the term "Trumpism" in my local Hessen news today....some PhD type German is hyping the business and that German political parties need to get ahead of the power curve to prevent Trumpism from occurring in Germany.

First, to be honest, it's not in the dictionary.  I did five or six different reviews and it's a pretty new and unattached word.

So, I spent an hour reading around, and I've come to this definition of Trumpism.  It's a political "tool" (not a philosophy).....where you as the candidate come direct to the public and point out the five chief things that the public is frustrated to a significant extent, and you use this tool of yours.....blowing a horn in affect, and just saying "yeah, you guys are right", and then you drill down into those five topics and look for what the public really wants you to do.

In a normal world.....a political party also drills down into a political topic or agenda, and comes to some conclusions.  Then they build a message or platform.  They stake out precisely what they are willing to fix what they perceive as the problem.

For example.....everyone in Germany knows that the pension program is fu*ked-up.  I don't mix words about this or slap some fancy negative upon it.  As it works today....a bunch of folks are reaching the age of retirement and now realize that 950 Euro per month won't cut it (they never bought a house....they never put money into a second private retirement account....they never hid money from the government).  These people are royally-fu*ked.  So they will find a really cheap apartment....try to just survive and if necessary....apply for additional welfare on top of that from the social office.

On this agenda, the party will settle for trying to make the retiree work two to five more years (up to 72 if they can)....getting them closer to death, so lesser money will be spent on the guy.  They actually talk this up and try hard to convince folks.....not just working to 66.....but 70 ought to be the new norm.

The Trumpism fix?  You look across the spectrum and ask just how much money is wasted by the government.  You reach a point where you can show that 25 billion Euro a year is simply money tossed into opera houses, bridges of no value, garden shows, etc.  So you do the obvious thing, you come direct to the public....avoiding state-run TV and their moderators....and you suggest that you want half of that 25-billion Euro slide over to the pension program to booster every guy/gal who is making less than 1,250 Euro a month.  No social welfare forcing the poor old guy to work to 70 or 72 years old.  You want excess and wasted money spent on people who just never got ahead in life.  This 300 to 600 Euro a month extra?  It's just some act of fairness to folks who contributed into the system but never got a head.

Trumpism would then appeal to the general public.

The political parties or established intellectuals?  Oh, they hate this.  Just suggesting there's wasted money....or that you intend to just take that money and give it in a blank check to these people with no manipulation or people in the middle?  Oh can't do that.

Got a problem with thugs in your city?  Trumpism would indicate that you go to the cops on patrol and ask them what the real issue is.  So you come to find out two simple issues.  You've got hooligans who hang out in one area of town and cause trouble.  Cops won't arrest them because the prosecutor either won't prosecute or the judge won't give them real time in jail.

Trumpism then suggests that you need to fire the prosecutor or threaten to replace the judge.  You put the thugs into jail.

The cops might indicate too many punks in town (under the age of 18) who commit crimes or do graffiti.  Fine, Trumpism says that you go and arrest the punks and give them 60 hours a week of detention (entire weekends), forcing them to undo their graffiti, or perform public service while heavily supervised.  No acts of kindness, no fake political chit-chat.....just get tough and let the public know that kindness with stupid kids has a limit.

Is Trumpism dangerous?  Absolutely.  In 1932, Hitler and his band of merry band could have taken the national platform and had national construction programs, embraced the Jews, established Germany as a technology center, developed a major industrial power, and done the public a huge favor.  But instead, they took their public stance to the most negative position possible.  That's the problem with Trumpism.....the guy driving this turboized vehicle has to really know what he's doing or how consequences will occur.

Fear of Trumpism going active in German politics?  None of the political parties has any method of stopping Trumpism, except using their news media tool to cast doubt or make a big joke about it.

The worry you have to have is that like the US news media faking out the public and talking for weeks that Hillary had a five or six point lead lead....this same issue could occur in Germany where ARD or ZDF has convinced everyone that the AfD can't cross the 20-percent point of German politics. Then you wake up and realize that they actually got 28-percent, and the only way to consolidate a major of parties to run the government without the AfD in the to have three or four parties hooked up in some weak member state government (basically the 1928 repeat).

It's odd....last week Trumpism didn't exist.  In fact, we were set to have Hillaryism.  But now?

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