Sunday, December 25, 2016

Fixing the Unfixable

It was probably one of the most predictable things that you could possibly imagine.

So after the smoke cleared on the whole Berlin terror act and the accomplishments of the Tunisian who should have been kicked out of Germany and Europe months had a bunch of German politicians in the past week who said deporting people like this guy...should occur quickly.

Yesterday, there came comments from both regular citizens in Tunisia and politicians there. They don't want the radicals back.  They might just refuse to cooperate with Germany.

Put yourself into this position....maybe three-hundred angry and violent Tunisians on some Jihadist-trend....sitting in Germany.  Why would any country accept them?

Basically, you can guess the scripted game about to be played out.  Germany will spend weeks and months talking to the Tunisians and discover that no threat will work.

Germany is more or less stuck with the group of thugs and Jihadists. And here's the other part of this story...other north African countries will do the same thing.

The next step?  No journalist, intellectual or politician will suggest it in public, in my humble opinion.

You will have to construct some type of facility....calling it a mental holding facility, and force judges to make judgement calls on permanently holding individuals who are a threat to German society and can't be returned to their country of origin or where they actually hold a passport.  Months?  Years?  The label of this being a "jail"?

Doing nothing?  Easily accomplished.  You just sit and wait every couple of weeks for some violent assault or terror act, and hope that only a few are maimed or killed.   It might work well with the first dozen acts, but eventually the public will add up the numbers and make the responsible culprit.....the politicians, and replace them.  You know how well the German politicians react to threats like that.

But if you start pondering about this, grasping that various countries in North Africa have 'unbalanced' individuals of this type and they could figure the best way to lessen their threat to their own to get them to Europe....then the whole concept of migrant becomes a threat study.  You could be talking about 10,000 of such characters in just a couple of years residing in Germany.

You can spend hours thinking about this scenario, but this whole open borders thing likely turns into a chaotic mess.  Western society has a basic requirement of stability and safety.  If you can't provide that....then your path ahead has only a few limited options.

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