Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe at 57

At some point in the early 1980s....the concept of the Hard Rock Cafe started up.   Every major city in the world.....has one.

For thirty years....I've kinda avoided them.  There are differing reasons...mostly because I got the impression that they were over-priced and always had way too much of a crowd.

For some reason in Helsinki, I decided to cross this off my list and actually visit the establishment.

Yes, I can now say that I've been one single Hard Rock Cafe.

So, my assessment in three simple observations:

(1) It is actually a fine menu and better food than one might imagine.  I had fish-and-chips and have to admit that it was one of the better plates that I've ever eaten.  My wife had the reindeer burger and said mostly the same.

(2) Yeah, nothing is really cheap....this being Helsinki anyway.  But I did walk out having spent less than 75-Euro for two people.  In Germany, I would have spent 45-to-50 Euro at a regular establishment.

(3) Yeah, the wait for the food was fairly long (roughly 75 minutes between ordering and having the plates delivered).  I'd like to blame the crowd....but the place was half-empty.  Go figure.

The real shock from the evening is that I asked for a Long Island Ice Tea which is usually made by some European amateurs in a marginal way and always leaves me shaking my head.  These HRC guys actually made one of the finer cocktails that I've had in the last couple of years.

At age 57, I can cross off the Hard Rock Cafe now.  Only 1,688 things left on my life to-do list.

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