Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Ten Predictions for 2017 and Germany

1.  Erdogan gets fed up with no action from the EU and Germany, so he opens the migrant/refugee 'gate' and half-a-million or more leave from Turkish shores to Greece.  Greece asks for EU assistance and watches a month slip by with no real attention from Brussels.

2.  Trump visits England, Poland, and Russia in his first official visit to Europe.  He skips Germany.

3.  A Trump-Putin discussion centers on lessening nukes, or at least moving them from forward which case most nukes on the continent of Europe are lessened.  All of this concluded by June and shocking a number of NATO countries because they weren't involved in the talks.

4.  Merkel and company are shocked that Le Pen wins the France Presidential election.

5.  Facebook faces it's first 500,000 Euro fine by Germany by early June.  The Berlin crowd is shocked that the Facebook center that was suggested....has only ten Germans, and the bulk of the tech support reside in India.

6.  By the end of 2017, at least one German state is suggesting a security-like center for North Africans who've failed the visa application and refuse to go back to their point of origin, and have become drug salesmen.

7.  Trump gets dragged into the German election gimmick and announces by late-summer (before the eleciton) that the US forces in Germany will be moved to other European states within three years....with only two or three installations likely to remain in Germany, with less than 10,000 members.  Six weeks prior to the election....US relations has become topic number one but oddly, over half the nation has no idea why it's important and would like to get back to crime, migrants, and integration.

8.  Merkel and the CDU swing out a 26-percent win, with the CSU getting a 8.5-percent win.  Because the CDU refuses to agree to a refugee limit....the CSU says they will refuse to partner up.  The SPD is able to only get 21-percent and the CDU-SPD partnership continues on....with a third-party (NOT a AfD or CSU).

9.  German cops start to identify prosecution individuals and judges who won't actively handle or work gang or migrant crime episodes.  A special task force is formed at the national level to then handle gangs within Germany, with special judges attached to the group.  Regular judges will eventually be removed from this type of crime.

10.  VW has thousands of frustrated German diesel car owners who want some pay-off, and they end up offering some trade-in deal but it handcuffs the individual to buy a high-scale premium type gas car (well above 30,000 Euro).

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