Tuesday, December 6, 2016

This Merkel Fake Burqa Talk

The Chancellor came up and gave a speech today....mostly to highlight that she's running again next year in the election.

Her big message.....ban the burqa in public situations.

It was a weak and marginal message....without hitting how the wording for the law would read.

A big change?  No.

To draft a message and law like this....you'd have to make it meet certain situations....like not in train stations or on public streets.  It'd have to pass law review and challenges.  Then you come to the amazing problem.

To pass this....you need the SPD (her partner in the government coalition)....will absolutely say no to this idea (my gut feeling).

Making this pass after the election if she gets her way with the new partner....the Green Party?  Zero chance they'd agree to this.

So it's all fake?

Yeah.  It's to generate some headlines and forum chatter.....beyond that, it's a joke.

Now, if you were talking about the state of Bavaria passing this, or the state of NRW?  Well, they could probably pass something but it'd be challenged in the German Supreme Court.  Zero chance that they'd allow it to stand with the Constitution written like it is.

Will Germans believe this?  For six months, it'll drag on and not be passed with the SPD partners, and then people will recognize this as fake talk.  Once you get to reality that the Greens won't agree with this.....everyone will start laughing because it's a good fake platform to take to the public.

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