Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Duplicates and Triplicates Story

Today, the authorities in Germany had come public and admit that this dead terrorist from the Berlin episode.....the Tunisian guy....had a minimum of fourteen IDs or fake identities, and that he probably applied and was receiving more than one or two social package deals (650-odd Euro per refugee is the usual package).  They were careful in not noting how many social packages the guy was signed up to....but one gets the impression that he didn't have the fourteen IDs or identities for nothing.  He may have been at various times signed up, and maybe for fourteen different IDs (meaning he took a minimum of 9,000 Euro a month).

The ease of this?  No one says much.  The authorities throughout Germany have known for a year that they have a problem with mass fraud with the social package program.

So I looked at this and pondered upon this.

What if you had 30,000 of these characters walking around Germany with a minimum of four fake IDs....maybe even fifteen of such fake IDs.....all in an effort to collect social welfare.

On the books?  The 30,000 actual migrants would appear to be 200,000 in number.

The possibility of 200,000 fake refugees/immigrants existing?  It's hard to say.  This guy had no problem, and because the sixteen states aren't really talking much between themselves and the federal government apparatus is not built for this kind massive just starts you to wondering.

About seven years ago....the German federal government finally took all of their registered names and addresses of citizens....with the belief of 82-million existing.  After a couple of weeks of deleting duplicates and triplicates....the authorities cut off 1-million people from existence.  A large number over the years....had moved from city to city, but the old city didn't remove them from the listing.  Various cities actually lost two or three thousand residents and were angry at the corrective nature of this (K-town was one of those cities).

So it is possible for a lot of fakes in the system to exist unless you really have the proper ID and act aggressive on fraud.

Are there really 2.5 million refugees/immigrants/migrants in Germany since early 2013?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Admitting this?  I doubt if any of the Berlin crowd wants to admit that they might have 30,000 guys instead of 200,000.  Maybe my guess is wrong and it's only 10,000 guys with fake IDs for 80,000  people.  But here's the thing....if the general public ever figures out that there's like 200,000 folks faking social welfare....someone will need to take the blame from the cabinet and step down.  It's a harsh reality that Germans won't be happy about.

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