Friday, January 20, 2017

The German Election Worry?

State-run/Public-TV Deutsche Welle....has put the latest on how outside and devious people might come to influence the German election (set for late September).

First off....there's the Russian-run RT (Russian Today).  DW says that RT could be a dangerous media device.  Yet to this one will put out statistical number to say there much of anyone in the US or Germany....who watches RT.

For the record, I watch RT.....probably an hour a week....mostly to catch business analysis of Edward Harrison.  For Wall Street happenings, he can take complex topics and quickly break them down.  The rest of RT....a mixed bag....of which even I can admit they run pro-Moscow material to the extreme, but the ARD/ZDF/DW crowd does most of the same for the Berlin crowd.

Second, DW says that gossip might come up about German leaders in the running for Chancellor?  What gossip?  They didn't say.  Merkel having gossip?  Oh please, the worst that they might be able to dig up on her is that she has ingrown toenails, drinks a honey-liquor tonic before bed, or likes to watch Miss Marple mystery dramas.  The SPD's Gabriel?  They might find that Gabriel likes American-style donuts, failed some Latin class in college, or prefers Coke over Pepsi.

Let's get serious....from the six top candidates appearing in the running for's hard to imagine any gossip on them.  Maybe from the Bundestag....another dozen-odd folks will be found with meth on them or admit they plagiarized their PhD back in the 1980s. Beyond that....I don't expect much.

Third, spreading fake news?  Like what?  This chat stuff that they will screw over Facebook and Twitter?  I'm guessing people are already figuring that out, and you will find both used less, and other untouchable platforms will emerge.

Fourth, play up the migration crisis and the crime business?  Really?  You can open the regular news each week and find another serious mistake by the government on the handling of immigration.  Trying to deny such things?  That will only get you deeper into a mess.

The crime business?  Germans are hyped up....robberies and assaults in urbanized areas are still a problem.  The migrants with nine IDs?  Oh yeah....there are such people.
Fifth? Targeting German fears?  What fears?  Most people aren't buying this Russia is a threat deal anymore.  NATO collapsing?  It should have evolved back in the 1990s.  Pretending that fears aren't realistic?  Go it.  Watch some frustrated Germans push back.

Using Trump as some fake target?  Go for it.  Hype everyone up over BMW-Mexico and just skip the fact that profits for BMW-Mexico are for it, and BMW-Germany might get some of this, or just retain the profits overseas.  Those BMWs sold in the US?  Taking jobs mostly to Mexico, and NOT to Germany?  Oh please, don't tell the German public about that.

What you get with this whole DW article is this massive hint or wish.....that some really super-quiet German election will occur, with no hype or fake stuff.  The odds?  Zero.

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