Sunday, January 29, 2017

This Visa-Trump Discussion in Germany

For the rest of this week, I expect German public chat forums to be heavily handcuffed to President Trump and trying to hype it as much as possible.  An American standing in the midst of Germany?  You might get dumped on intellectual thugs thinking they could easily take you down.

The typical argument?  It'll start with a dump on Trump by you intellectual associate.  That Obama would never have done this.

So you suggest that Obama actually did this six times. Section 212 which covers this Green Card and visa business has been used before.  The last time (2014), he actually used Section 212 twice in one year.  It's been been often....way before Trump came into place.

So the intellectual will sense that he'd better go to a new topic.....talking about the nature of slamming Mexico.

You will respond that you wish you were like to bend the EU and send three billion Euro to Turkey and it's President hold back refugees.  You let the guy know that Trump must have done the math and figured ten years of giving Erdogan three billion Euro a year would be double what was necessary to build this stupid wall.

So the intellectual will sense that he'd better shift to another topic....talking about sending the Mexicans back.

You ask at this well those 500,000 failed German visa applicants are going back to their country?  Is it progressing at lightning speed, or is there some indication of taking twenty years to get them out?  Then you it actually had to pay countries something to take these people back?

So, the German intellectual will sense that he'd better shift to another topic....talking about drones, and US military being out of control?

You ask if in 1942....if we had drones then....would it have been OK to use them against Hitler?

So, the German intellectual will sense that he'd better shift to another topic....talking now about the ill treatment of Muslims in America.

You ask your associate about the ill-treatment that Milan cops engaged upon this Berlin terrorist who killed a dozen-odd Berlin folks at a Christmas market.  Or you ask about all of these fake or false IDs in Germany, with all kinds of characters getting welfare from the German system and if this was fair to the German working-class?

So the German intellectual will move onto the topic of accepting more refugees.

You pause after this question, and finally'd like to force each of the fifty states to take more....but this idea of a fine (250,000 Euro) that the EU is suggesting for each of it's 28 member states....for failing on taking each single refugee....well, it just doesn't well with American states.  You then you have that problem in the EU as well?

The wall topic? Their last jab?

You respond that if everyone stopped at the border like they do in Germany and presented an application for a visa, and just waited like all those immigrants at the German wouldn't need to build any wall.  Then you is it going with those folks stopping at the German border and presenting the application and a passport?  Is that working OK?

At that point, your associate will quietly back off and find someone else with a weaker mind to mess with.

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