Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some Twilight Zone Fantasy

It was a side story in Germany, which won't get noticed much by the German news media.  One of the top twenty SPD members....Katarina Barley....has come out in the last day or two and made a comment on the BREXIT business.

What Ms Barley says is that now that all the smoke has cleared on the terrible woes and path for the British people for the agreement on BREXIT.....the British government should have a second referendum.  According to Barley....things have changed and it's only right to have another vote and let the people speak.

I sat and pondered over the story.  I sat and watched the approach of BREXIT, and figured that 'STAY-IN' would win by 55-percent.  The polls kinda indicated that it'd be a three or four point win for STAY-IN.  Oddly, they got it wrong.

Having another referendum?  Sure....go for it.  Stop everything going on, and spend the next ninety days letting every talk about this all over again.  Then have another vote.  My best guess is that LEAVE would likely win again by 52 to 53 percent.....maybe even 55 percent.  A fair number of folks would be weeping away and emotionally unstable over the 2nd vote.

After you let things kinda settle for thirty days after the second referendum vote.....then you talk up a third referendum vote.  Give them 90 days to talk over the business, then have the vote.  Same likely results.  Then repeat for a 4th vote.....a 5th vote.....a 6th vote....and maybe on for twenty of these referendums (wasting four to five years).

It's like a twilight zone episode, where you'd really like some outcome to occur, and you keep repeating the business in hopes of just one vote accidentally going the other way.

Why talk up BREXIT in the middle of German political campaign?  That's the part I haven't figured out.  Late in 2016, I noticed a survey by TNS Infratest Politikforschung covered a fair segment of Germans, discovered that 42-percent of Germans think there ought to be a referendum within Germany about the EU question.  Kind of a shocker, they also found that 62-percent of German society think the EU is going off into some wrong directions.

If I were some German political party, (either center-right or center-left).....the last thing on Earth after immigration and asylum that I'd want to talk about or bring the EU.  If this TNS poll is correct from six months indicates that Germans are just marginally in agreement on staying around in the EU.  It's a bad sign for the EU and it's path ahead.

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