Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Good Migrant Versus the Bad Migrant Story

As you might expect....since this weekend when crime statistics were dragged out, crime in Germany by migrants and immigrants has turned into the number one topic with political folks.

If you were from the working class....the numbers will bother you because it indicates that certain migrants....mostly men in the 18-to-25 age group....without any mature leadership or family connection, are prone to committing crime or be arrested.

The solutions?  The political folks like talking about adding more cops.  They've already agreed to one big stage of more cops but it'll be three years before that plan is accomplished.  No one says much over prosecutors or judges, but they are another part of the issue.  Course, if you were to prosecute to the extreme....they'd end up in jail for multiple years, and require you to build more prisons.  Some Germans would be negative about that.

All of this leads onto the basic subject of 'good' migrants versus 'bad' migrants.

You had two basic divisions in this period of 2013 to present.  One division were the Syrian and Iraqi refugees in search of a safe 'harbor' because of the threat in their homeland.  The second division were the folks from everywhere else (mostly men, mostly of the age group of 17 to 25), who grabbed onto this open door scheme that Germany offered.  The feeling was that if the wartime refugees got the 'deal'....then the economic migrants in search of a job and new life would also be offered the same 'deal'.

Well....oddly, reality has played into the approval process, and you find a large assortment of the non-Syrian/Iraqi applicants aren't being approved for permanent status, and aren't easily convinced to leave Germany (put yourself into their shoes, why go back).  Adding to this rich environment of permissions and approvals.....various fake passports from Syria and Iraq....which can easily be procured, and you pretend to be of the favored group.

The Germans?  For a long period....they simply didn't recognize this division existing.  It's probably after the 31 December 2015 episode in Koln where a thousand police reports were generated over one evening, and led mostly to migrant guys from North Africa.  In the months that followed....a new reality came out of this, and politically scared both the SPD and CDU to a great extent.  AfD would gain frustration votes and appear to be strong for the fall election in 2017.

Over the past twelve months....things kinda changed.  The approval rate for migrants from North Africa?  Way down.  New emphasis on more cops.  More emphasis on getting failed visa applicants out of Germany.  More discussion over priorities within the immigration and asylum program.  Deals between the EU and Turkey to lessen immigration trails into Europe.

So, you are left with this discussion and argument over the 'good' migrant versus the 'bad' migrant.  Maybe 90-percent are trying to follow onto the good migrant/immigrant trail and not be a long-term problem.  But then you are left with the lesser group who aren't willing to accept some friendly advice from the cops, or an occasional reminder via some judge.

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