Monday, May 15, 2017

The Green Party 'Slaughter' in NRW

One of the odd results of the German election yesterday in the loss of votes for the Green Party.

They collected the statistical data (ARD's graphical charts) and it says from the 2012 local state election and yesterday's election....a massive number of Green voters left:

- 110,000 went to the SPD
- 90,000 to the CDU
- 60,000 to the Linke Party
- 30,000 to the FDP Party
- 10,000 to the AfD

Altogether, almost 330,000 2012 Green voters left the party situation.  It's a shocker to even admit that 10,000 even became AfD supporters in this election.


I think the Green enthusiasm that existed since the mid-1980s and really went turbo in the late 1990s....finally hit a brick wall.

There isn't what you'd call a great Green Party economic plan which represents business growth, jobs, and economic good times.

The pro-slant by the Green Party on migration, asylum, and immigration has come to irritate a number of voters.

Then you come to crime, and safety.....with some Greens asking why they don't feel as safe as they did two decades ago.

In some way, this is a wake-up call for the Green Party of Germany and a necessity to sit down after this September national election....and have a long internal debate about where they are going in the future.  If they can't modify or change their landscape, then the spiral is likely to continue on in the 2021 national election, and be evident in the various state elections that occur.

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