Sunday, June 11, 2017

German News, Sunday Morning

I'm off for 5 days....short Germany trip.  So the bit of news for Sunday, the 11th.

UK's May be step down:  There's talk in the German press today that two-thirds of party members want May to step down.  If you see her step's simply to bring in another place-holder till BREXIT is finalized, and have another election.  Not a shocker here if you look at outcome of the election from last week.

Foreign Minister warns of war in the Gulf:  Gabriel is traveling around the Middle East and made a comment that things are heated up and the potential for war exists now.  It would be correct to say that Germany has no sides on this conflict.....but the economic turmoil would be affecting Germany if some war did occur.

Gamping:  New trend now in Germany.  Wood huts at RV parks.....advertised as 'almost camping' but you have the basics of life in the hut.  HR at the article.

Linke Party wealth tax.  The Linke Party held it's big weekend meeting and announced some goals.  They'd like wealth taxes to occur in Germany.  If you make more than 70,000'd have a 53-percent tax.  At 260,000 Euro a year, you'd have a 60-percent tax.  And at one-million Euro a year on income, you'd have a 75-percent tax.  If you throw in pension tax, health-care, and sales tax....there would be virtually no reason to work past 69,999 Euro.  Corporation-wise, the bosses would move their headquarters quietly out of the country.  Odds of the Linke Party tax deal occurring?  One in a million.

Reactor cracks:  Might move to page one news quickly.....Belgium nuke reactor has shown some cracks.  This will get the Germans hyped up and force the EU to stage some prevention talk. Location is about 75km from the German border.

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