Thursday, June 1, 2017

Germany and the Afghans

One might laugh in that the German national election of 2017 will involve policy over Afghanistan....but that's where we are headed.  ARD, Channel One, presented this article today over this.

Up until ten days ago....the general policy was that a bunch of Afghan individuals had failed the asylum business and would be deported (sooner or later, depending on how aggressive each state in Germany might be).  Some changes are in the works to take away deportation from the state, and allow Berlin to run some kind of national program.

Well....after this big attack in Kabul....there's some political at work.

SPD chief Schulz says that only criminals need to be exported....with no children or women to be included in any deportation to Afghanistan.

Merkel?  She says that the Afghan criminals ought to go back first, and the rest of the failed deportees.

Right now, the German foreign office is evaluating just how safe it is for anyone going back (this might take a month to assess).

How many Afghan kids and women are there in Germany?  That's the curious thing about the ARD article....they seemed to want to skip on telling you that number.

One might sit and take a humble guess, and I'd say from 2013 to 2017....there's probably only 5,000 women in this group....with the vast majority of the asylum-seekers from Afghanistan being men.  Children?  Unknown?  Maybe a couple thousand....maybe upwards to 20,000.  It'd be nice to know that part of the story.

Course, you could take this argument and say to the SPD folks that it's heartless to break up a family and send the husbands and older young men of a family back to Afghanistan, while allowing the women and children to stay.

Did the Afghans have a totally different approval rate from the Syrians and Iraqis?  Yes, that's one of the amazing parts of the German story.  At some point in 2015, Afghans and smugglers begin to realize this, and started to find fake Syrian passports to help improve their odds of getting approved.  The Germans don't talk about the quantity found.

Chief reason for the failures?  Well....the Germans evaluate your background, your education, and your safety.  Most Afghan young men arrived with a basic school education and no real craft.  Some people claim a fair number of Afghans are converting to Christianity in hopes of showing the threat of moving back to Afghanistan....but there's no real numbers or statistics to say that, and I seriously doubt that Germans or Christian churches collect this kind of data.

What'll happen? Someone will eventually prove that two or three regions in Afghanistan are fairly safe, and someone will sign off the deportation orders once again.

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