Friday, June 2, 2017

School Issues

An outstanding article by HR (our Hessen network) today.

They did up a piece on continual complaints by teachers in the German state. By the time you add up the handling of disabled kids, continued shortages of staff or teacher personnel, and the enormous tasking of handling migrant students and their various languages....the school system in the state is stressed out.

Oddly, on the political scale, most all political parties agree....the system is messed up and heading for disaster if something doesn't occur. The solution? Almost no agreement.

Some blame goes toward the five-to-seven years it takes to qualify and certify a teacher for schools. Money alone won't fix the situation. And then you come to this aspect of the migration weight put upon the school that there are dozens of different languages spread among the students, and tutor-like services aren't typically something that Germans can pump up or run at some turbo-like speed.

Good piece from HR.

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