Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Morning German News

Downward trend for Greens:  New polling situation reported by Focus.....Green Party is set at 7-percent.  Same report says that the general public simply sees Merkel as the only possible Chancellor.

Green platform:  Talk came out of yesterday's Green Party meeting of ending the electrical tax (something people would be happy about)....but to have a new special tax on all power created by coal plans (the C02 episode).  It probably won't win them any votes and simply make the whole process of planing for future power costs more difficult to figure.   Good report by N-TV in detailing this tax idea.

Macron's party figured to win.  If you go through various discussions on the French legislative election....the expectation is for Macron's party to take an absolute majority.  It is amusing....15 months ago....the party didn't exist.  Both the center-right and center-left have lost in a massive way.  Permanent change?  I have doubts.  I suspect in a year....Macron will be re-branded in some way because of public negativity.  It'll probably be a yearly thing where a new version of Macron appears, and the public looks for a new 'character'.

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