Friday, June 2, 2017

The Never Meant Story

As Focus reports the episode, from Nuremberg.....the young guy who the cops apprehended for the deportation order....has offered up a letter (to Focus) to say he doesn't remember much from the day, and that the threat he made to return from Afghanistan and kill those responsible....well, he now says he'd never harm any Germans.

This kinda closes out the episode.  This is a young guy who had come in 2013 and was told to present ID to clear out some issues.  The BamF folks patiently waited, and continually reminded him about this ID problem.  2014 goes.  2015 goes by. And 2016 passed.  So early in 2017, they went to the deportation paperwork.  Roughly four weeks later, he produces some paperwork to fit the requirement.  No one has made a comment about the authentic of this or if further issues exist.  But strangely enough....the deportation order still continued on. It would suggest that whatever he produced....has a problem.

The state cops did what they were ordered to do....pick the guy up.  But this case....rather than do it smartly and pick him up on the way back home.....they went to the school.  There.....dozens of students went into riot mode to protect him.  Arrests were made (five) and at least eight cops were injured in this episode.  If you were rating this on smart ways of doing the job....I'd give it a '3' of '10'.

Then, there's this last minor issue.  'URL not found'.  If you'd like to just link it and make a 3-line, between Focus, Facebook, and the kind folks with's an odd thing that now pops up several times a week....ONLY with controversial stories.  They can't be clipped to any FB text.  My guess is that the journalists have taken up the comment from journalist association of Germany, and worked to ensure less comment or passed stories.  Oddly, they could just fail to report on the item, but that wouldn't allow them to look just limiting the stories and pass-around factor is the chief aim (my humble guess).

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